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still no trumpet playing strumpets February 22, 2012

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i just love all the stats and shit you can see behind the scenes on a blog….my favourite by far is a list of the search terms used to find ones blog…. I played on this once way back with this entry.

So here (mostly for my own entertainment) is my top ten all time, to date,searches that found my blog.

At 10….i’m pleased to report ‘challengingchangeling’..fantastic i have followers who can get all of the right letters in all of the right order at least some of the time.

straight in at number 9 is ‘bottle up vagina’… excellent an old favourite makes it into the top ten

at 8 ‘at lunchtime a story of love’ Roger McGough.

hitting the cervix hard at number 7 ‘bottle inside vagina’

and at number six…obviously in a hurry to see some bottle porn is ‘bottle vagina’

you wait a while and then coming in together at Number 5 and number 4 respectively are ‘roger mcgough at lunchtime’ and ‘at lunchtime roger mcgough’…

At 3 ‘changeling times’ a fine result for a little known blog

At 2 ‘greta garbo’

and at 1…all time favourite variation on a theme ‘bottle in vagina’

it heartens me to know that most people who find my blog are expecting a bottle in some way shape or form interacting with a vagina…. to them i apologise… and if the majority of them are men (which i suspect they might be) they at least know in my world they are more than welcome to go out and get a vagina of their own to stick a bottle in.(I believe thailand is good for depth)


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