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chaos theory antipodean style February 22, 2012

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A thoughtful and moving ceremony took place today (or yesterday – these time zone thingies always confuse me) in Christchurch NZ to commemorate a year since the major series of earthquakes began and the loss of 185 lives.

Having relatives in NZ we know that when the news teams rolled out of christchurch (mostly heading for japan) the earthquake after shocks kept coming…. life has never returned to normal…not even close.

Part of the commemoration service involved children releasing 185 monarch butterflies…. and as any fule kno that a butterfly released in nz can cause an earthquake in ..well.. pretty much anywhere in the world  according to chaos theory it seems a bit of a daft thing to do…. unless of course their earthquake was caused by someother country releasing their dogs…erm…. butterflies of war and this mass release is the act of a nation hell bent on vengeance….

….but probably not.


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