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I believe Paddy Power has a two inch dick February 21, 2012

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A lot of humour involving trans…i find funny or at least can see the humour in…fairly often i find it painful to watch ‘just’ how sensitive the transgendered community are about such humour. Some i suspect have no sense of humour.. some no belief in freedom of speech and some no ability to see a wider picture of what comedy does as part of the process of acceptance.

I think over sensitivity (especially from a position of legally, protected minority) can be counter productive.

That aside….

The ad from Paddy Power which is doing the rounds is different from a lot of laughs aimed in the general direction of trans… the majority of humour is about stereotypes. whether its the ‘ladies’ on Little Britain (…. which reminds me aren’t the Beaumont gals involved in this somewhere?) or that cross eyed geezer from the west country with his air-stewardesses with gig hairy dangling bollocks… its about stereo-types….extremes.

And yeah…. if you’re trans it probably isn’t funny.

but I’m a great believer in speech (and that includes humour) having no restrictions… i’m a bit of a freedom of speech purist and that doesn’t sit well in these victim engaged times.

But the Paddy Power ad, (look it up elsewhere- or catch it on tv as latest is that Channel4 aren’t withdrawing it) for me, nudges the line 9quite hard)…. its not about stereotypes its about real people being put forward at an event on a certain day being up for being judged.

It goes beyond my memories of how hurtful it was (is sometimes still) when Jane gets clocked as a woman of trans history. Beyond the hurt as a partner every time that happened…. from a trans perspective its appalling. I can’t believe any transgendered individual would want to be in cheltenham on that day. Even the tranniest tranny from planet transvestite can only cope with so much groping and innuendo in one day, surely?….. being the only tranny in the village is going to be like dragging a piece of meat on a string through battersea dogs home. I just can’t imagine why anyone would condone this advert or take part in it.

But it goes beyond generalised sensitivities into the totally personal…. i don’t think as a cis woman…I’d want to go to the races and risk some pissed up geezer who thinks he’s been given a license to decide whether I’m a mare or a stallion…or even a dog…. and the chances of him thinking he can follow a guess with a grope to check is pretty much going to be the order of the day.

I don’t do feminism…..I’d object in the same way to an ad winding up a pissed up hen party telling them it is okay to play stallion or gelding based on how big they think a mans cock might be…telling them they’ve planted men with whopping cocks strategically through the venue would end in a case of the gropes.

This isn’t about trans… or women…. its about encouraging people to commit a gross breach of another persons privacy… and most likely an assault.

The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr


2 Responses to “I believe Paddy Power has a two inch dick”

  1. Lucy Melford Says:

    I’ve now viewed the (very brief) ad on YouTube. The ‘transgendered’ ladies mostly look rather female to me, in an appropriately horse-faced way, and if any gentleman punter is going to attend expecting to spot the said TG ladies, they may have a frustrating time. And any natal lady thought to be TG, and touched up to make sure, may well have grounds for an action against the perpetrator – and maybe Paddy Power too, although to be fair they are not suggesting that a mass grope will be in order. But it could all backfire horribly.

    In my innocence, I had no idea what ‘Paddy Power’ was. Seems to me that the name of this betting firm is a slur on all Irishmen, eliciting notions of genial but stupid men in green jackets achieving something pointless with their massed shovels – when can we abandon these things? Incidentally, my immediate family background is Devon and South Wales, and so far as I know I haven’t a single bit of Irish blood in me. So I’ve no reason to be prejudiced in favour of the dignity of Irish people.

    I admit to being prejudiced against gambling though.


    • eclectic chicken Says:

      “the name of this betting firm is a slur on all Irishmen, eliciting notions of genial but stupid men in green jackets achieving something pointless with their massed shovels”…. nope Lucy thats just you… i think you just allowed us a little sneak peak into your own perception of the irish;)

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