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documentary January 21, 2012

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We’ve now been given the showing date for the documentary we took part in back in the summer on the run up to Jane’s surgery. And no I’m not telling you the date… if you want to watch it go find it.

I’m totally torn by the whole thing.

On the one side its a decent, well made documentary about how transition affects those closest to a trans person. It’s well researched, the director cares about it, thinks it really is something that needs telling to a wider audience and great amounts of effort were put into it being both ‘trans acceptable’ whilst being accessible to a wider audience. I think it finds a good balance.

I know there were a couple points where Jane wanted the documentary to play closer to the trans ‘party line’ and I had to argue the case to go more mainstream as believe it or not the whole world hasn’t caught up with the sub clauses and definitional nuances of what passes as totally acceptable by the trans refuseniks.

Its that old ghettoised thing again…. if you live in the ghetto you understand the ghetto… if you are only visiting you havn’t a clue…. and when suddenly one day it makes sense you know you’ve visited to much and are ghettoised too.


That was the positive (or started out being)…It’s a good documentary – watch it.

On t’other hand… I hate it… Its got me in it…. not just walking but talking too.  But thats my usual grumble about being on film. Mostly I dislike it becuase I look so sad and sort of away with the faeries. I have to remind myself that someone in the documentary has to look sad… after all I was (am) struggling to come to terms with the whole Jane shebang AND I was on high strength co-codomol most of last year (and sometimes diazipan too) for my back… and I think I probably WAS away with the faeries much of the time.

I also refused to dress up and make up for the event…. I have these points of principle sometimes from a creative perspective that clash with the inner child my mother raised that knows the right thing to do when going out in public is wear clean clothes and scrub your face and shoes until they shine (preferably not with the same cloth).

Anyway… its a while off… but I’ll be fretting about it ’til its over.


One Response to “documentary”

  1. Lucy Melford Says:

    I gather from an earlier remark you made that I’m NOT in the documentary (as one of Jane’s hospital visitors), having ended up on the cutting-room floor.

    Quel relief.

    I don’t recall your being anything other than the dignified caring partner. And that we got on, and might have said much more. But I see what you mean, all the same.


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