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Off to a stumbling start. January 17, 2012

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So after my last post the intention was to find some time where Jane and I could sit down and have a ‘proper talk’. Possibly even a ‘Proper Talk’ if not a PROPER TALK.

But first we needed to get the boy back to school…always good for gaining space for uninterrupted conversation as evenings are still very much the domain of the insomniac seven year old.

And let’s get his birthday party out of the way and the enslaught of friends and relatives that come with such an event. (it was a roller skating party and although i hadn’t been on roller skates for about twenty years, i did okay and even better quit while i was ahead before i fell over and did something nasty to my back).

And then I needed to get my daughter back to Uni… which was followed by a couple of days over with the cigar smoking bear.

And then home…. and space…and back to a solo double bed…and maybe…yes maybe the time and space to talk.

But then on Saturday morning we woke up to no electric…and oh! a waterfall down the garage wall, easily sourced to the boiler hanging on said wall.

We managed to get a plumber out…and had the forethought (eventually) to turn off the water in the street (thanks to Mike next door… though what the neighbours thought seeing him coming out of my house with us both in pj’s on a cold saturday morning – i have no idea)… and we also ran as many taps as we could to try and distribute the water fall.

We were both kinda stressed…. even though we managed to get a plumber out… and even better a plumber who was booked to come and see us on Tuesday anyway to sort out a couple of radiators. Rafe pointed out that listening to waterfalls and birds is good for stress…. so listening to the water pouring into the garage and  our chickens clucking in the garden MUST be relaxing. 🙂

Plumber left…. we had electric and gas….but no heating…. in the first real cold snap of the year.

So the boy and I decamped to Annies over in Leicestershire…. the boy skived off school a couple of days and Jane stayed to man the fort with a borrowed heater and hopefully several layers of jumpers.

So here we are at Annies…its bitter out there… but the woodburner is ticking over nicely… Henry dog is contentedly harumphing in front of it and i have a sofa of blue to sit and type on. We’ve been well fed (Annie makes not just edible vegetarian food…but desirable veggie food {three helpings of veg and macaroni bake down tonight})… and looked after…and have had the run of her new guest room and en suite (one of the best toilet views i know; out over the Vale of Belvoir).

But I want to go home.

After all the kerfuffle of Christmas and visits and upsets… I just need the peace of being at home. Part of me wants that peace so much i no longer want ‘the conversation’ let alone a ‘Proper Talk’…. after all… anniversary over things will probably settle down to pottering along again.

But we do need to have the talk.

Especially when I read janes blogs…. she’s exploring herself, her politics, her sexuality…. and it just feels like every exploration she makes takes her further away from any sort of solution we could have as a couple.

So home tomorrow… cold or no.

And then…. we shall see.


One Response to “Off to a stumbling start.”

  1. Ariel Says:

    I hope you get to have your talk before too long.

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