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a reminder December 27, 2011

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Christmas was good, bad and indifferent in parts. I hope you all enjoyed at least a part of yours and carry on doing so for the rest of Christmas until the decorations come down on twelfth night. One of my pet hates is the early start of Christmas and then the fact that for so much of the commercial world the decorations come down shortly after boxing day and the whole shebang is considered over.

I’m not particulary religious…. not believing in god kind of puts a dampner on religion… though once upon a time I nearly gave the quakers a go. They make me think of chocolate and the smell of beeswax and they once told me belief was optional. I think for me that would work. To sit quietly smelling old wood and beeswax, under no duress to actually state a belief in any greater being, maybe it would be just the quiet contemplation i’d need to feel closer to god…if indeed he’s out there to feel closer to.

The moment I enjoyed best on Christmas day came after the fun of present opening…. the pleasure of being amongst my family… and just before the total debauchery of a totally splendid dinner (so many pigs in blankets there were some to spare).

Everyone sat, plates piled high and a slight lull as all 13 of us looked up and down the table to see if it was okay to start eating…. and then the boy said ‘we should have a toast’.

What to? I asked

‘To god’ he said.

And we all raised our glasses to baby Jesus on his birthday (or approximation thereof).

I love that my soon to be seven year old cut through the debauched commercialism of Christmas and reminded us what it’s all about in such a simple and apt way.


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