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arse…. December 13, 2011

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The weekend was spent thinking I was coming down with something… Jane abandoned me to the tender administrations of the small boy on Saturday while she went to London. His tender administrations consisted of checking I still had cold coffee by the bed (which was there becuase i don’t drink cold coffee) and bringing me some biscuits. He then went off to visit neighbours and later spent time making a ‘magic potion’ in a bucket in the sitting room (whilst he knew he could get away with it).

My coming down with something…never transpired…. I felt sick, achey, dizzy when I stood up and had just lost the will to get out of bed.

Sunday morning… I had to get out of bed and the boy and I went up to Sheffield to pick my daughter up from Uni and bring her home for Christmas…. I spent a lot of the day on the verge of tears with a horrendous headache… once home I couldn’t stop crying.

On Monday morning (waking as though I hadn’t slept and hating the fact the world was still there) it occurred to me that I had all the symptoms of being depressed.

It then dawned on me that I may have forgotten to take my anti-depressents. There had definitely been a couple of nights when I’d laid in bed on the verge of sleep and thought -‘shit, i’ve forgotten to take my tablet’ followed by ‘its cold out of bed, just missing one or two won’t matter’. You see I was under the illusion that as it takes several weeks to ‘go up’ it would take the same to ‘go down’.

I counted my tablets…. studied the calendar… and lo and behold… I was a week behind. A weeks not so bad surely.

Apart from the internet tells me that citalopram has a 36 hour half life.


That may explain the way i feel. A mixture of sympton return and withdrawals.

But other than being pretty horrid… its made me realise just what the drugs have been doing for me… several people have told me this happens sometimes when you’ve been on the tablets a while and are on an up and life feels fine. You either decide to come off them… or forget to take them becuase at some level you don’t perceive yourself as needing them.

I think its made me realise I’m better on them. Definitely.

I’m very carefully taking them again… and hopefully they’ll start working soon… I really had, in the last couple of months, begun to feel I was getting my shit together.



4 Responses to “arse….”

  1. Rebecca Pink Says:

    Pills and potions are funny like that. I have stopped taking mine as a deliberate act as I felt I didn’t need them. Did take long to be reminded that they are prescribed for a reason.

    Hope they kick back in soon – Christmas is no time to be in a downer …..

  2. Tara Says:

    The magic potion in a bucket made me smile! Such a shame that it wouldn’t work on depression as it sounds far better than Citalopram. Depression is an extremely nasty goblin, just when you think it has gone away it rears its ugly head again and bites you on the butt. I think the recommendation is that once you are feeling “stable” for at least six months that you then talk to your GP about a controlled withdrawl plan. It is esy to forget medication and at such a busy time of year its not surprising that you felt the effects after a few days of missing taking them. I hope the bad spell soon passes and that you are soon feeling much better.

    • eclectic chicken Says:

      maybe the magic potion would work on depression… but having taken a look at it, it would take a braver person than I to try it 🙂
      Thankyou for the good wishes.

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