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Continuing… steps. December 5, 2011

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I’ve been quiet for a while…. there may have been one or two of the more cynical amongst you who thought those Whitby steps had finished me off…. but no.

I peaked at 1minute 40 seconds and then came down with a mild bug over the last weekend and never got up the steps again. We….ll… I got half way up…. went strangely dizzy and retreated back down the steps and spent the afternoon in bed.

But I’m keeping the routine… I worked out that if i go up my stairs at home 15 times I’ll be approximating the Whitby steps…and so I do… most days. Some days I let myself off a few and justify it with the fact that coming down the stairs MUST expend some energy.

It says something about the time of year… and the Lincolnshire landscape that I prefer to stomp up and down the stairs as opposed to going for an actual walk…. its not as if I can do the stairs mug of tea in hand either… I’ve tried…. it was messy.  But its warm in the house and the sofa is very close for those moments of collapse.

Jane suggests I should do something like Zumba… or yoga (like wot she does)…. but faced with a village hall full of exercising women the stair carpet has its draw.

NB. we missed great excitement in Whitby by a week as a high tide with a storm surge behind it flooded most of the low lying parts of town.



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