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All change November 18, 2011

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Well they sorted the internets and as the big house was booked for the weekend we are now demoted back to the cottage, nestled under the cliff with the church looming over the roof. The weather has taken a turn for the colder so it feels like we’ve retreated into our hobbit hole, switched on the fire, drawn the curtains and we’ll hunker down til Monday.

Apart from when we go to the pub tonight…and Scarborough tomorrow to pick up my daughter (joining us for the weekend)  etc etc.

I still have a room in the eaves with, if i stand on tippy-toes and look over the roofs accross the road, a sea view. I also have a flight of stairs so steep that they will definitely deter me from getting squiffy.

Today we’ve had a lazier day (other than getting up early to pack and shift everything accross the lane and up a bit). We’ve ambled round the shops – you can tell alot about a town by its shops, especially its charity shops…. and Whitby is a town with too many charity shops and not much to go round, where the locals dress cheap and obviously the visitors who can afford to rent all these dinky cottages take their own clothes home again. Either that or the multitude of old clothes shops claiming ‘vintage’ clothing get first dibs.

We’d both hoped to score some Christmas presents whilst here…. but other than jet based jewellry, goth stuff and seasidey tat there’s not much to go on. I’m even getting desperate for a holiday present for the boy… I was almost at a point of resorting to rock (the sweet kind) but then I find out that whilst I’m away he’s having his first wobbly tooth – possibly not the best time for rock. (…and would you believe it Jane was told today at school that SOME children get £5 from the tooth fairy -bleeding extortionate).

In other news…. yesterday I made it up the steps in 1 minute 45 seconds and today….. (admittedly and purposefully with lighter shoes on rather than my stompy hiking boots) I shaved another 5 seconds off that time and overtook some Americans – so double win. Annie opined that I didn’t look as though i was going to die… nor was I panting and bright red in the face as I was the first day up.


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