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Round trip with hotpot November 6, 2011

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Another busy few days…. first back over to Annie’s by train, we are planning a retreat which will incolve knitting, wine, arty farty stuff, bleak seascapes and probably more wine. We spent a day on the intermeweb trying to find a cheap cottage in November…. who in their right mind goes away in November? Everyone it seems.

But we found somewhere…Annie and her magical phone manner brought the price down to pretty much half the original amount and so we are off next week…just the two of us and a dog. More later of that I suspect.

Then onwards to Cheshire for another visit to the cigar smoking bear… more hotpot and high jinks.  I’m very fond of my ciger smoking bear… and he does remind me of badger from Wind in the Willows. I toyed with making him an honorary badger…. but he suits his bear hat more.

Eventually I ended up at my intended destination which was my mums house… and had organised a lift back home with my brother in law…. with mum in the back seat supplying copious amounts of midget gems.

She’s here for a week…. so far so good. She’s 85 and often confused…. but I’m 44 and often confused… so I think we’ll get through the week.

Then on Friday I’m driving her home again…. I can almost smell the hotpot.


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