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embarrassing parents November 6, 2011

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We were watching a kids programme today me and the boy and some rellies… one of those programmes where a kid takes their parent on to be ritually humiliated as revenge for being an embarrassment to their offspring.

conversation as follows:

uncle.  do you want to go on that programme?

boy. yes… my parents are embarrassing

me. who is worse?

boy. you mum…. no wait…Jane is REALLY embarrassing

{here we go i think….}

boy. yeah Jane’s really embarrassing she does big rolling farts.

Yes! score one…. being a trans parent isn’t the most embarrassing thing in our childs life.

ps. i can neither confirm or deny the state of Ms Fae’s farts.


One Response to “embarrassing parents”

  1. janefae Says:

    Hmmmph! In the interests of fact-checking and the like, i wish here and now and absolutely to deny all such rumours. The flatulent ones, that is.

    The boy is learning very fast how to wind up…including some quite rude suggestions the other day about sleeping arrangements. And my imagination or is this a subtle one, too: when i tell him off, he very quickly slips into pointedly mis-gendering…which 99% of the time he doesn’t do.

    difficult…does one praise him for his ingenuity? Or just whack him soundly and send him to bed?

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