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Away days…more hotpot….and the road to Wales October 26, 2011

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I’ve been to Cheshire, started off with a visit to my cigar smoking bear, which apart from talking about hotpot needs its own anonymous ‘X’ rated blog somewhere…. but i will mention the food at the Cholmondeley Arms where we cosied up by a fire, with a somewhat pretentious sign on the mantleshelf telling us what sort of wood they were burning (but no information on how long it had seasoned for or from whence it came)…we shared something called a ‘starting plate to share’ which contained delights such as whitebait, sausages and potted rabbit and pheasant and only just had enough room after to share a chocolate brownie and ice cream between us.

Then on to stay with my relatives…. which was fine. I managed a night out with my sister which is something we probably havn’t done since we both had children a year apart and spent lots of time with my mother who I’ll kindly describe as ‘confused’ or in my sons words ‘totally bonkers’. My sister is amazing for coping with mum on a daily basis without resorting to matricide…. I manage to maintain some sort of calm amidst the mandlebrot spirals of conversation for a couple of days….

do you want toast Andrea?

yes please

{mother puts toast in toaster}

would you like some toast?

theres some in the toaster mum

oh yes {pops it up}

its not done

no you just put it in

would you like some toast?

{pops toast down}

yes please

i’ll put some in

{looks down}

oh theres some in there already…would you like this toast?

etc etc

We then decided to have a run out to a garden centre and buy a plant for my daughters university room (as consolation for my reducing her bonsai to a twig again – though i am just hoping its merely Autumn)…. its a seven mile trip ending a few hundred yards from my cousins house, where we hoped to have coffee and a visit.

After about 15 miles I began to suspect my mother had lost her way, though she wouldn’t admit we may have gone ‘a bit wrong’ until the roadsigns turned into Welsh.

That evening I started digging an escape tunnel to see my bear…. but gave up and used a walk to the bank as subterfuge. He picked me up on the corner of the road…. took me home…. put me in bed and put a cup of coffee in one hand and a bowl of trifle in the other…. and after forty minutes I felt sane enough to go back.

And then today…. a beautiful sunny day… the boy and I drove over the Snake Pass to Sheffield… Alabama3 loud and the windows open… I couldn’t have been happier. The boy was awe inspired by hills (poor little lowland lad he is) and learnt that when two people go for a wee in the wood… the one on the high ground has the upper hand and then was delighted to be told that his wee with any luck would filter through to the reservoir and people in the cities would drink it…. who knows what boys wee in homeopathic quantities could do to a towns population.

It was lovely but brief seeing the daughter…. I need to spend time in Sheffield… not only for the joy of my daughters company but also the chinese bakery and there is a museum of glass I believe and the boy spotted a museum of police and fire as we were leaving.

We ended the day in MacDonalds back in Stamford…. my daughter still won’t set foot in one having been brought up by me in my first incarnation of a parent (no Disney, no Barbie, no CocaCola…no MacDonalds)… the boy does them all except Barbie. Sometimes it feels like my son (with his 12 year age gap from his sister) is some sort of control experiment.

But we are home now….and that always feels good.


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