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the clock says…. October 18, 2011

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I woke up three minutes before my alarm was due to go off this morning and encased in duvet in a state of human pop-tartness I wasn’t going anywhere. So I lay and watched the second hand on my clock go round.

<slight digression but it’ll all make sense in a moment> We watched Night at the Museum II the other night… yanno… all the stuff in a museum comes to life and much high jinx ensues…anyway… there was an evil Pharoah etc etc and he expressed the passing of time by saying ‘tick tock’….. Now I felt I just had to pick up on this as I didn’t think he’d have had clocks as a reference point in ancient Egypt and I said as much to Jane that I thought there was a disjuncture from reality in those two little words. She looked strangely at me….  and went back to watching a miniature cowboy fight dog headed soldiers of darkness. </slight digression and hopefully you’ll spot the thought train>

So there I am watching the second hand nudge the moments away towards official ‘MORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNING’ (it’s that sort of alarm clock) and I wondered what my clock was actually saying…. I listened….I could hear a rhythmic sound…it was….. But in my brain a loud voice said TICK TOCK…. no: shush brain I’m listening……TICK TOCK….sssssssssshh….. its seriously not sayin… TICK TOCK… and so on.

I had to switch the impending alarm off and concentrate really hard to over-ride the TICK TOCK… but I’m sure you’ll feel as enlightened as I when i tell you my clock says ‘gruf-griff gruf-griff’.

It made my getting out of bed slightly later than I’d have preferred with a small boy to get up and out to school, and I’m sure theres a moral in there about the importance of looking beyond assumptions…. but the whole zen experience was soon smashed out of existance by a piece of parallel parking outside school which Rafe described as ‘as good as Jane’s’…YES!


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