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there is no fury like a woman newly formed October 4, 2011

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The competitiveness of victimhood…. she who can take most offence at the least whisper of perceived transphobia gets the most points.

The furore over the tranny word…. or as its known on some trans boards the ‘t****y’ word.

The transwomen who re-write history to deny the way they are…. not were…are.

It makes me angry to see so many transwomen snipe at other transwomen for not ‘passing’ or not being deep enough in stealth.

I hate the cowardice…. I hate that there needs to be stealth and cowardice and that it makes a community bicker and tear itself into smaller and smaller factions.

Every transwoman who goes stealth…who denies her history makes the journey to a brave new world longer. Without the pressure of ‘this is what women are’ people wouldn’t have the pressure to change in such extreme ways.

Is a cunt so important? Why does the definitional point of womanhood stop at the back end of a sack of internal skin (not even at a cervix).

There are so many fewer transmen we are told…. no there aren’t…. theres just not the same opportunity for successful surgery so many many transmen opt for top surgery and blend in with the butch dykes.

I don’t care anymore.

I don’t care what bits someone has…. what clothes they wear….. what gender(s) they have sex with… what word they use… I just like people who are equally accepting (even of ‘us’ dreaded so called cis people).

But there really is no fury… a blind furious scrabble for an idealised gender…. like a woman newly formed.

That desperate binary insistance perpetuates dysphoria.


One Response to “there is no fury like a woman newly formed”

  1. Lucy Melford Says:

    I am so sympathetic to this, Andrea. You’re right; a lot of trans women make a huge fuss about things that natal women couldn’t give a toss about. Of course there are individual exceptions. But I’ve found that the slightest whiff of unorthodoxy, and all hell breaks loose.

    I can only assume that many trans people are wobbly and insecure in their womanhood. No doubt you saw what happened when I used the word ‘deception’ in a recent post of mine. Despite denials, it really did touch a raw spot with several of the commentators, and you have to wonder why they are so sensitive! They protesteth too much, methinks.

    I don’t regard myself as a ‘tranny’ any more, but when I began my transition it was a fair-enough description. Nowadays I hope my appearance, behaviour and conduct wouldn’t earn me that particular put-down. But if it did, my reaction would be ‘Hmmm…why? I’ve let something slip, been lazy about some detail of my attitude or presentation, and it’s given me away.’ I would take it as a merited comment, and a warning that I needed to do better.

    I still ponder some of the more philosphical issues, but real life must come first all the time. I don’t see the profit in worrying over terminology, definitions, and whether you’re lesbian or bi or asexual. Who in fact is actually going to have sex with you, ever? It’s not guaranteed.


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