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Looking into the void July 21, 2011

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Tuesday evening… I watched Jane dilate. (I’ll blog separately in laymans terms for the uninitiated)… I had said that was a part of the process I didn’t want anything to do with, especially so soon after the op… however having seen the haematoma (one couldn’t miss it) yesterday I felt pretty curious about this new genitalia thats caused us so much fuss. So when Jane asked me to see if the dilator was in far enough I said i’d have a look… a bit gory… but bearable and the dilator was in just fine.

Once out Jane was complaining of a sharp nipping, so I offered to have a look at the new fanny without having the dilator to focus on… one of the sutres at the opening of her vagina was under extreme strain and….

….well at that point i thought I’d have a bit of a lie down on the floor.

I didn’t faint… and it was a total over reaction on janes part to push the emergency button.

But it did allow me to discover just how up close and personal I want to get with a recently constructed still bruised and bleeding fanny.


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