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Dilation for dummies July 21, 2011

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When I first found out Jane had to dilate I thought it was something like a speculum that you had to jack up inside your new fanny.

What it actually is is a couple of dildos (but you have to call them dilators)… three times a day for the first 6 weeks (and then at lessening intervals until it becomes I think once a month 2 years post op) you have to lie down relax and coat the dildo in lube and insert it into your new vagina for a set amount of time. This stops the new hole closing up…. expecially as to make the new hole they had to drill through pelvic muscle and muscle as a rule tends to like to go back where it used to be.

This has to be done regardless of catheter, bruising, blood loss, and pain.

At first it appears to border on the traumatic… it gets easier quite quickly… and i guess the sooner you can find some pleasure in it the easier its going to be to have a decent relationship with your fanny at a later date.

I know women who have had an episiotomy in child birth who havn’t wanted to put anything near their bits for months later (certainly way beyond the 6 weeks recommended when you have one). But a trans woman has to gird her loins and start almost immediately…. pushing a blunt object into a new and unknown void.

Anyone who has gone through grs deserves a medal… and cake…and flowers and all round absolute kudos.

There were times when I had my babies where I wanted to stop and go home (and with the first one actually cried out for my mum)… until the moment the babies were laid in my arms i would have quite happily reabsorbed them.

But transwomen are driven…. if they get this far they really really need it.

After all Janes pain…. and through all the pain she still has to come she says its worth it.

I pity the next fool to say she may have done this on a whim.


3 Responses to “Dilation for dummies”

  1. Abigail Says:

    Hi, I’m a pre-op trans woman, considering SRS sometime in the future. From what I’ve heard many times over, I get the impression that it’s a little bit like an ear piercing (which I don’t have—yet), in the sense that it’s an artificial opening you have to keep open for the rest of your life, or it’ll eventualy close up on its own. Is that true?

    Also, I just want to say thank you for being so loving and supportive. People like you give hope to people like me. ♥

    • eclectic chicken Says:

      as far as I’m aware it does have to be kept open for the rest of your life… the notes we just brought home from hospital have dilation down to once a month by two years post op… but i would have thought an active sex life of some sort could/would make that redundant.
      (and thanks for the kind words) xx

  2. Lucy Melford Says:

    It’s so nice to be thought of as heroic, just because one has been through an unusual medical procedure! I do agree however that nobody would do this for a trivial reason. And yes, I too would want to punch anybody who belittled the compulsion that lies behind this, or sneeringly called it a lifestyle choice.

    The pelvic muscles do indeed want to close up the gap, but they don’t snap shut if you miss one dilating session. That said, you have to be pretty religious about completing your daily quota of dilations. Many a time I’ve felt desperate for bed after a long day, but have forced myself to dilate late at night – and see to all the careful washing of dilators, douche, and one’s own parts, because you musn’t let hygiene slip.

    It’s not only muscle closure. Skin tends to adhere to skin, especially in warm moist conditions, and although it wouldn’t happen overnight, the inner surfaces of the new vagina could stick to each other and close up in that way.

    But regular dilation stops all this. And so will penetrative sex, if the male member goes right to the very bottom of the vagina. Unfortunately that might not happen every time, and therefore, to prevent shrinkage and other problems, the old dilator has to have a regular look-in.

    It would be nice if the inner skin of the new vagina became the same as the skin inside a natal woman’s vagina, but apparently this doesn’t happen.


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