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Home July 13, 2011

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It’s lovely to be home…. Jane’s sister had left before I got here (onwards to another family crisis)…and the girls were left in charge. The kitchen is gleaming and the house is tidy… thankyou.

But even as i step through the door, absolutely exhausted it begins to dawn on me that I’m in charge… jane isn’t here… just me. School tomorrow for the boy, a missed dental appointment to deal with, a beavers outing tomorrow, things to buy for janes return…. I’ve started a list…. I’m not allowed to breathe my sigh of relief quite yet.

I miss jane too… I’ve spent a lot of the last two days sat by her bedside watching her drift in and out of sleep, no make-up, no hormones, no visual clues that she is now genitally regendered… but she’s changed.

She looks beautiful.

John has finally gone.


2 Responses to “Home”

  1. Lucy Melford Says:

    Gone, but not forgotten of course; just an aspect of the more fully revealed person that is now there.

    It was very nice to meet you at the Nuffield, and I’ve added you to the blogs that I read.

    Hmmm…you and Jane are the first couple who blog that I’ve come across. I wonder if that’s actually quite rare, for both spouses to blog?


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