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Getting there… July 10, 2011

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Home to Brighton…. we need to be in Brighton by 11am tomorrow.  Now its 156 old fashioned miles but quite a few of those miles are round the M25 (here ensued the clockwise v anti-clockwise lengthy discussion)… and everyone and their dog reckons we should set off at 6 in the morning… actually make that 5…go on 4am to be sure… (in fact one cairn terrier of our aquaintance opined that we should have set off three days ago).

Jane had a madcap scheme of leaving the car in Stevenage for three days and going onwards accross London by train… but I’d quite like a car to come back to and hate messing around with multiple modes of transport at the best of times.

Or Jane could overnight with friends in London… and if I want the car I could bring it down at my leisure.

I kinda want to drive down together…. for some reason Thelma and Louise keep popping into my brain (lets hope we don’t get lost and end up near beachy head) 😉

So I woke up this morning with the radical and new idea of let’s set off tonight, together, after the party and stay in a Travel Lodge (there are other equally basic standardized [sic] hotel chains we would consider) on the other side of the Mobian M25.

Total destress.

Jane immediately starts talking about checking with other people… friends, film crew, the Cairn Terrier….

But I think the ensuing outburst made her realise there are two of us who are involved in this…. and one of us is ‘quite’ sick and tired of being at the bottom of the consideration barrel.

Can you tell that we’re stressed yet?


2 Responses to “Getting there…”

  1. Khyri Says:

    I’ll be thinking of you both over the next few days… hope all goes well, and the stress level eventually decreases.

  2. eclectic chicken Says:

    thankyou xx

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