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Wake me up… July 9, 2011

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When I get to a certain level of stress I tend to shut down… last night was a case in point.

I read the boy a couple of chapters of Georges Marvellous Medicine in bed at about 8 and then went down to ask if Jane would read another chapter for him…. but she was having her early evening lull (snooze). So I went to lie down on my bed to read… at some point I remember the boy coming in and telling me he was putting a blanket over me (thoughtful child he is sometimes). I next woke up at 1am…. went to shut the chickens up, got undressed and went back to bed.

This morning I sat in an armchair and woke up ‘some time’ later to the boy asking if he could have his lunch.

I’m starting to zone out doing things like hanging the washing….I’ll grind to a halt and ‘come to’ a few minutes later.

It’d be nice to skip the packing, the party, the comings and goings, the organising things for when we’re away, the early morning drive to Brighton and just wake up sat in Janes hospital room ten minutes before she comes out of surgery.

Actually make that an hour before as I havn’t finished the card I’m making her yet.


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