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So where are we? July 8, 2011

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pfffft….Sunday Jane has her ‘It’s a girl’ open house.  I did suggest she had a party when its all over and she’s back on form but she wanted something before the op. Not sure if at some morbid level it’s becuase she thinks she may not come through from under the knife…. or maybe she intends to have another party post op… the more parties the better.

But anyway…. that’s Sunday.

Not sure I feel like socialising on a grand scale so if more than three people turn up at once I may just disappear upstairs with a selected couple of people and a bottle of something.

Monday we’re off to Brighton. I think we’re driving down but rumour has it Jane is thinking of training it as we have to be there for 11 and don’t want to get stuck in traffic on the M25.

And thats Monday…I suspect it’ll be a sitting around day… with some tests.

And then I’m going to go and stay with friends.

And then the day of the op.

And then Wednesday I’ll return north once I know Janes fine and happy about being left.

And then back down with the boy the Sunday following for a couple of nights in a hotel…a visit to a fort and some time with Jane before bringing her home on the Tuesday.

Thats the plan.



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