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Finding a voice… April 29, 2011

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Jane has been to see the voice lady down in the smoke and come home with a new voice. I’m thinking the voice lady has a shop a bit like the wand shop in Harry Potter.

Open a draw….catch a voice and put it in your mouth and see what happens…. sometimes it’ll be a good fit…. sometimes  ridiculously inappropriate.

Of course its not like that…. Jane has to find her own voice and practise daily. (she’s practising a LOT).

I’ve been saying for ages her voice (her Jane voice…which is different most of the time from her old voice) didnt project enough (I’m forever saying pardon…what?… to the extent I’ve been for hearing tests becuase it couldnt possibly be her voice thats too quiet).

Any way the voice lady said in all her drawers in all her shop she didnt have one quite as quiet as Janes…so hopefully when the new voice is honed I’ll be able to hear her more often.

I guess the other side of bringing her new voice home is it also brings home how much the old voice was a link to the ‘other’ person.  <whisper> john </whisper> a continuity link.

Now all i have is her habitual cough.

(no doubt she’ll be working on that next)


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