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A grand day out…. April 5, 2011

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Last week (as mentioned previously in this blog) we went to Brighton to visit the hospital and meet the surgeon in anticipation of Jane’s operation.

I havn’t been to Brighton for probably twenty years or more although it is on our shortlist of places we’d like to move to and it was so lovely to be down by the sea, eating chips, watching the waves, walking on the beach.

Except Jane it appears doesn’t ‘do’ beach walking…and certainly not in ‘these’ boots.

But we walked on the beach (mostly up and down a small stretch for the benefit of the filming) and one of us voiced memories of a similar beach almost eight years ago, where we met and walked (in fact i seem to remember being given a piggy back over the pebbles)… and the other of us whinged about the cold, the greyness of the sea and her boots….always the boots. (and no I didn’t give her a reciprocal piggy back… just a lecture on  sensible footwear).

And then on the the Nuffield. (where we did more walking up and down).

Its a lovely hospital.. and by the end of the day I was certainly wishing I’d prioritised being able to afford (at least my second baby) under private healthcare. My two main memories of my stay in the old Peterborough maternity unit are a plate of gristle they atempted to pass off as food and a midwife who upon being approached by a post c-section mother trying to share a bed and breastfeed a 10lb 7 oz baby on a second night without sleep and only gristle to eat and just needed her baby taken for a couple of hours to another room PLEASE….told me (yes it was I) to go away ‘it’s not like its your first child’.


I know the NHS do wonderful things… but sometimes they don’t.

Anyway…I digress…

We had a guided tour of the facilities…. lovely room…view….own bathroom…meet the one to one nurse….and the other nurse….and the surgeon.

We were there three hours (ok..partly being followed by a camera slows things down)…but everything was explained properly… everything covered…. all questions thouroughly answered.

And we left with hugs all round.

The other thing of interest with the Nuffield is this.


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