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Girls on film… April 4, 2011

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Contrary to two things we are taking part in the making of a documentary about trans-women and their families. In our case this includes the run up (and very likely includes) Janes  ‘op’.

Two things?

The first is that I swore after the Mail piece to never ever ever ever….ever… get involved in any sort of media shebang ever…ever…. (did i mention ever)? again. Not becuase I think the Mail piece […and no you can’t have a link…just trawl back through the blog or google til you find a pig in a wig (thats me that is)] is/was intrinsically bad per se. But becuase of the aftermath.

No, silly…. not those terrible bigotted cis types wot said all the wrong things and displayed their ignorance. But those trans types….who should know better and indeed let everyone know, at every opportunity that they DO know better and said the most horrible things.

Secondly… when I say ‘we’ are taking part. Our son (age 6) tells me its actually a documentary all about him (and perhaps the chickens).

But anyway….contrary to both those things we’re in cahoots with the lovely ladies at Wild Pictures and the end result should be shown in the Autumn on some ITV channel.

I fought tooth and nail not to be in it at first through shyness mostly (and tv adding HOW many pounds to ones visual weight)… but last week was first visit to the hospital in Brighton. To refuse to have been filmed would have made filming a nightmare for everyone….so I caved in… signed my soul away and tried to remember not to swear too much.

I know the end result will do the job it intends to do…same as the Mail piece did. It will get a message out that gender dysphoria happens to normal people in normal families and that those families one way or another have to deal with it.

Having us in it (and I don’t know the circumstances or any of the other people involved) will show it can be coped with… that life goes on. It may even educate people a little. It’ll certainly draw in an audience who want to gawp… but even if it makes a small percentage of those people pause for thought even once  it’ll be doing its job.

I think I trust the girls at Wild pictures to do a good job… what I don’t expect is a result that will please everyone.

Especially the politicised trans community… the consensus amongst most (cis?)people making the effort to show trans to the wider population is that they are buggers to please and that is perhaps what holds back their cause the most.

This is the sort of documentary that can’t hope to use all the right language in all the right places at all the right times… if it did it would have a very small politicised audience who understood it. It would be preaching to the converted.

It (I hope) will maybe make some small steps educationally and a HUGE step in just getting the subject out there and ‘all in the best possible taste’. [hmmm…not the best reference point to make methinks].

…and by the way… we don’t get paid. (though we did get bought some chips on Brighton beach)


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