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The man in my life. September 10, 2010

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Jane said in the beginning this time would come and i think at the time i pooh poohed it.

But….the time has come indeed, for me to admit that life without a man would be unbearable.

And yes…. I’ve not had sex this year.

I’ll pre-empt you  sending me recommendations for dildos etc. by saying there is more to a man than his penis.

I miss a million things about a man…. ok..maybe not a million, but it extends way beyond the sexual.

So after much discussion….much of the much being Jane persuading me its the right thing to do to keep me sane.

I got me a man.*

My counseller (bless him) said the new relationship would ‘fill a hole for me’….(cue me falling off my chair laughing)

He also suggested it would be very good for my seratonin levels and when the novelty wore off i should get me another one.

Jane is my love….my family…. she’s very lucky to have me….and conversely I’m very lucky to have her.

*details available on request 🙂


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