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Does my bum look big in this? (2) September 10, 2010

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Today i’m asked about breasts….Janes breasts…a change in meds, a surge of hormones…a couple of weeks of emotional treading on eggs….and now breasts.

Are they bigger?

Well….no…not than last week when she asked.

And then i made the added error of casually saying i couldn’t feel any nodules like when she started budding.

Cue worried Jane.

Lots of onanistic breast fondling.

Bottom lip slightly out.

So eventually once we have some space i feel again…it feels like a breast.

A normal (small) breast.

note to self…when next asked are they any bigger just say YES and smile.

I’m getting used to living with an irrational female….

second note to self….buy a garden shed.

third note to self…… work out correct reply to ‘does my bum look big in this?’ as no doubt the transformational side of Jane would want to hear a yes but the neurotic femme would want to hear a no.


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