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London bootnote: Two shops, two smiles. March 12, 2010

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First smile, and this blog was never intended to be purely about gender,was walking into a newsagent in London and findingthe April copy of The Wire. That made me really smile….being in the Mail didn’t make me really smile, having the chance to be on tv doesn’t make me smile…in general, public exposure doesn’t make me smile…at least not when its aimed at me directly.

But The Wire has a CD on it this month and on that CD is a band i’ve played with sporadically over the last twenty years…in fact the band has played very sporadically over the last twenty years. Our name headlines on the cover list of bands….last year we played a week at the Edinburgh Fringe (and only get kicked off stage twice) and this year (our twentieth anniversary year) lots of things are planned and others are happening.

Check out the band on Wikipedia and find links thereon to other related sites/pages. You could say we’re like Marmite…you either love us or hate us…but we prefer to be like cake.

The other smile was in a Tescos further down the road, Jane got her usual double take up and down look from a shop girl. She then sussed i was with Jane and came over and asked

‘are you with him?’


‘is this traditional dress?’ (i should add at this point the girl in question was very foreign)

‘we…ll he’s on his way to being a she…so yes…i guess it is’

Of course thats overly simplistic…but it made me smile and Jane laugh when i told her…. she’s never thought of herself as a member of a strangely dressed tribe before.

I guess thats where a lot of our problems with gender lie…that we tend to think of ourselves on the whole as two entirely different tribes.

I guess the tv ad for the Mail on Sunday’s  gendered supplements sums it up.


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