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Komment Zie hir March 12, 2010

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Heres a piece Jane wrote for Pink News a couple of days ago.

“Australia may have made gender history this week, as the New South Wales government lays claim to being the first in the world to recognise an individual’s sex as officially “not specified”.”

Its about norrie mAy-Welby, a resident of Sydney and in the rarified world that is gender politics its a huge landmark. Beyond that it descends into factional bickering over whether its actually a ‘good thing’ or a ‘bad thing’….will this enable more people to claim that status, or will it potentially wrench status away from those who wish to define as one gender or another.

I think its a thing…neither good nor bad with potential both ways.

And being a thing brings me to Janes use of Zie and hir throughout the article.

I groaned when i first read it….its one of those affectations of speech and word that is often used by the sort of people who think you can ‘force’ people to think and to use language in a certain way.

But then i read it again.

And for a landmark outcome, where the person involved, where zie cannot be said to be definitely one gender or the other….i think in this case its worth using ‘new’ language.

In this case it makes total sense.

Thats how lasting change comes about…not by insisting on it but by altering peoples perceptions to a point where it just makes sense.


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