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An interesting day in London March 12, 2010

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We spent much of yesterday sitting in a hotel lobby drinking tea and eating biscuits.

No hardship there then.

What was slightly more challenging and interesting was meeting a writer of television dramas and a maker of documentaries….both fairly successful at what they do and both interested in making something out of Jane’s and my story.

At the moment we are all cogitating on our conversations of yesterday, but they are two projects I’m very interested in exploring further. It just feels a far more suitable way to go for me than the more immediate ‘sit on the sofa and get asked questions in front of a camera’ propositions we’ve been offered (and in the main turned down).

I like both ideas. One would be far more challenging to do than the other and both i think could potentially get under the skin of some fairly big ideas one way or another.

We’ll cogitate some more.

What was even more interesting and challenging (interesting for me and challenging for Jane) yesterday, was that one of the people we met was female and one was male.

The social interaction was riveting.

We also had Janes PR present and so at one point we had four  women sat around the coffee table. I say four….we had three and one who pretends pretty well…… (more later on that). It was a fairly rambling touchy-feelie conversation and ended in a period of gossipy finding common ground mostly between Jane and the lady involved. Jane was relaxed and animated and her usual happy self.

And then we swapped for our meeting with the male documentary maker.

A very different, a more male led meeting, very interesting and enjoyable for me until I glanced at Jane who was rather more quiet.

She had totally disengaged from what was going on, throughout the meeting she said less, was far less animated, lacked eye contact and fidgeted with her scarf…a lot… she basically went back to being the man i used to know.

That was John, socially a bit awkward, gauche in some ways: a man who looked awkward, looked away when socially interacting.

Except he used to do it with both genders and i used to excuse it as being part of his eccentricity, we often allow the highly intelligent strange behaviours in the name of eccentricity…that and i used to think he was maybe somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

So maybe before he didn’t feel comfortable with anyone…neither fish nor fowl.

At least now Jane feels comfortable with half the population…and as she becomes more comfortable in herself perhaps she can feel comfortable with the other half.


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