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Tutti-frutti ice-cream stolen from Garden Shed! February 26, 2010

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We spent a couple of hours with Jane’s parish priest tonight and have come away with the befuddlement slightly cleared.

Jane becuase the priest had obviously gone away and given it a great deal of thought, prayer even, and really spent some time thinking about something he hadn’t any previous experience of.

The upshot seems to be that the church accepts the person…whatever and whoever that person, that Janes soul is the same soul she had as John…she is essentially the same person she was before and will remain so.

I think she’s a better person than she was before, i think that when you are happy in your skin your soul can resonate.

I came away happier, mainly becuase Jane is happier but also becuase i understand the process of annulment a little better. It could take a year or so to complete….but then i’ve waited seven years…if i have to wait one or two more it isn’t going to kill me.

Thankyou to everyone who has offered Jane advice and support on this..its really not an area i’m in anyway qualified to support her in.

That said i think the priest saw a chink in my ‘anti-organised religion’ armour when i admitted to agnostic tendencies.

Other news…. the local paper ran a piece on Jane, having picked the Mail story up. I love local news…. i think my all time favourite local news story was ‘tub of tutti-frutti ice-cream stolen from garden shed’ (Melton Mowbray local news).

And tomorrow is the sixth international same sex hand holding day. I’ll be out and about and holding hands with the girl in my life.


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