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I sold my soul to the devil…. February 19, 2010

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…or so my Guardian reading chums would have me believe as earlier this week Jane and I went to meet Helen Weathers who writes for the Mail.

Not a decision flippantly made….but made it we did. In my case becuase

a) I’m a closet occassional Mail reader (yeah yeah…how many outings can a girl squeeze into a blog),

b)Ms Weathers writes good stuff…good positive touchy feely stuff,

c) its a chance to get a piece on trans into a major paper…even if its not totally positive it’ll be a story about a  couple (us) staying together…and that in my books is as positive as it needs to be…anything else is a bonus.

Oh and

d)it means i can now buy my girl an engagement ring.

The interview wasn’t as scary as i thought and i didn’t blub quite as much as i feared i would (i’m getting better at that…the shock must be wearing off) and we had the added bonus (?) of a professional make-over of hair and make-up for us both;  making me (they said) look more like a Mail reader and less like a ‘rock chick’ (the photographer really had a way with words).

The finishing touch to my conversion to middle England involved hiding my cleavage 🙂

So look out in the Mail tomorrow.


One Response to “I sold my soul to the devil….”

  1. Wonderer Says:

    Well – I shall certainly break the habit of a lifetime and buy a copy of that publication. It’s one of those tabloids isn’t it. Do I need to wear latex gloves to touch it, and is there any equivalent protection available for my delicate sophisticated intellect? Because obviously we Guardian readers don’t normally allow our cognitive space to be sullied with such material. 🙂

    Enough frivolity.

    I do hope it will be a positive coverage, but am a little concerned. In my few encounters with the media, even with quality media (BBC R4 Today programme), they seem to be very good at taking what you say out of context, casting it in quite a different light, bringing together other unconnected bits of information to give quite a different slant to the story than the one you expect etc etc.

    But huge kudos to you both for doing this. I do hope it works out well.

    It also puts extra pressure on you I guess.

    And *many* congratutalions on the engagement. 🙂 Are you planning to make an honest woman of her? 🙂

    Very best wishes as ever


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