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did i say everyone knows? February 15, 2010

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that’ll be everyone EXCEPT the estate agent who has been trying to sell our house for the last two years.

Its a very desirable house in a prime location which at one point we were keen to sell….and then our girls finished their GCSes and the bottom dropped out of the property market. (two totally unrelated happenings -honest).

So now they’re at sixth form, settled, mid AS levels and NOW would be a silly time for us as a family to sell.

So we tend to be the vendors from hell.

I’ve refused to sell my house to people becuase i don’t like the cut of their jib, becuase they don’t like the look of my neighbours, because they don’t offer enough money…and any other of a dozen reasons.

If someone we like offers us full price…we might think about selling at this present time.

So when Jane rang the agent last week as a follow up to me accepting a viewing i could just imagine the look on the agents face.

She broke the news that when the viewer came round she would be dressed in womens clothes.

Thats got to be the best way of putting off prospective buyers we’ve come up with yet!


2 Responses to “did i say everyone knows?”

  1. Wonderer Says:

    Depends whether they fancy her or not doesn’t it 😉

  2. debz furneaux Says:

    oh dear – ashamed to say i roflmao at that one – the vision i had of both the estate agents face and prospective viewers tickled my funny bone!!

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