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hair today….and gone tomorrow February 10, 2010

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I counted seven!!!! (thanks Sarah for showing me what to be looking for)… Stopping hairloss is such a hard thing to measure, one just has to hope its happening with the finasteride.

But new hair….each hair is a measurable (or at least countable) sign that hair loss is being reversed.

Meanwhile in other body areas the fight against the follicular goes on apace. The sound of the epilator has become the background buzz in our boudoir.

Having spent several years now fighting my own (admittedly lesser thank god) battle against the random hairs of encroaching middle age i can understand Jane’s urge to keep the hairs in check.

But Jane….what about the mysteries of womanhood? There are some things best done behind closed doors to maintain the illusion of a smooth umblemished vision of loveliness.

Or if not a closed door maybe  a soundproofed room.


2 Responses to “hair today….and gone tomorrow”

  1. Wonderer Says:

    Hmmm. I wouldn’t mind a full head of hair again, though in my case it would be a miracle on a par with the fall of Jericho. Not sure I’d want to take such drugs or all the rest that goes with it. Some want more, come want less, some want it in different places … is it our destiny as humans to be dissatisfied with our appearance? 🙂

    • eclectic chicken Says:

      I hadn’t realised until J got Finasteride that there WAS a ‘cure’ for male pattern baldness…i imagined it was still a pipedream. It can bring regrowth in follicles that stopped producing hair several years previously…. one of the main side effects however can be breast growth….faced with such a decision most men opt for the baldness.

      Silly buggers! 😀

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