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an interesting morning February 2, 2010

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Today i met with a lady from the community mental health team. An encounter mostly based around form filling.

When asked my partners name i replied ‘John at the moment’

And then she asked if i therefore wanted someone else as my next of kin contact. (in case they kill me with kindness?)

There ensued a scrabbling to discover the misunderstanding. It appears my answer made her think the relationship was transient.

Whereas when i explained my reason for giving the answer i did was that John could soon be Jane she said ‘aaaah i know who you are’!!!!

We are obviously very firmly on the radar.

We spent the first half of the session talking trans stuff before deciding to leave it alone and just talk about me.

A referral for some talking therapy ensued…i shall of course wallow in the opportunity whilst at the same time beating my self with a kipper for thinking i’m worthy of that sort of attention.

It would also seem the local mental health team keep their ears to the ground as she’d heard Jane had been seen in the local fish and chip shop.  Hurrah for the small town tranny tom tom system.


2 Responses to “an interesting morning”

  1. debz furneaux Says:

    why should you feel the need to beat yourself with anything for availing yourself of offered support? if u continue to deem yourself unworthy of anything i may personally have to come over and beat you with something more substantial than a kipper!! hopefully see u at some point next week, i may need birthday trauma support myself!! hehehehe

  2. Wonderer Says:

    “Very firmly on the radar” – not surprised and given neither of you is exactly publicity-shy, I guess it’s an aspect you don’t actively discourage?

    Debz is right. Don’t feel guilty about the sessions. “You’re worth it”.

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