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preferably spit roasted by two donkeys January 31, 2010

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fuck you Julie Bindel.

You epitomise the reasons i gave up buying the Guardian….and then some.

You need your self satisfied feminist lesbian victim gurning mug rubbed hard up against the pain felt by trans people. It might help you and the rest of the heteronormative-eXtra gay community remember how it felt to be outside the circle of acceptance.

The Guardian is just a snuggly warm bed of self satisfied reactionary pc fuckwits…. happy to be libertarian as long as the focus is a NuLabour endorsed grouping. And obviously very happy to allow the spouting of bile and hatred as long as its at a group who are still just a footnote in the politically correct handbook.



3 Responses to “preferably spit roasted by two donkeys”

  1. Wonderer Says:

    As subtle and nuanced as ever A – that’s what we expect from you. I hope Guardian readers aren’t tarred with that brush, else I shall be afraid – very afraid. Some of us read without switching off our critical faculties.

  2. spirifer Says:

    I was reading up on Julie Bindel, now knowing a great deal about her other than her transphobia, and came across this comment in reply to a piece she did in The Guardian back in 2007:

    “Julie, I too object to all these male to female transexuals one sees nowadays. Not only are they taller, slimmer and have longer legs than us girls but to rub salt in the wound they can open the mayonnaise and understand the offside rule as well.”

    Made me chuckle, anyway. 🙂

  3. Julian Says:

    CL Minou’s piece in today’s CiF goes some way towards helping. A bit.

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