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going it alone January 25, 2010

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Jane had her next gatekeeping exercise from the NHS today but as i had a prior engagement she went alone.

Had to talk to the community psych and a social worker, basically a re-run of what we did in London a couple of weeks ago, and then she had the brief pleasure of a consultant at the end of the session.

We’re not sure why there was a social worker there, nor why it was necessary for Jane to end up in a room with three blokes feeling slightly intimidated in a fragile frame of mind…. nor why they needed to be picked up on still referring to Jane as Mr. throughout the interview even though today she was presenting as female in her dress.

I’m sorry I didn’t drop everything to go.

A guilt impacted by her dashing solo to our local supermarket this evening as i was cooking supper….she came back shaken.

It’s all stuff that has to be done sometime…. but i’m sorry i wasn’t there to support as today she’s feeling a tad raw (mentally as well as the epilator after effects).


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