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it could only get better (and did) January 23, 2010

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The day didn’t start well…the cake my daughter had made for tomorrows party got burnt when she fell asleep last night with it in the oven.

J and I and the small boy set off for a day in Cambridge…a day to include Js first counselling session. Unfortunately the A14 was closed and we got sent on a twenty mile detour….towards the end of the detour, realising we were going to be horrendously late i decided to drive and so whilst idling in traffic we got out and did the two door runaround….much to the hilarity of the couple in the car behind. How much of the hilarity was caused by the two door action and how much by suddenly having a tranny in a long purple skirt dash by on a Saturday morning, will ever remain a mystery.

The session was good, we both sat in on some of it (the professional consensus seems to be i’m still in shock) and then i extracted small boy from the tv* and took him to the shops to give J some quality counselling time.

I think he came out of it feeling a lot more normal.

We then did the ‘walk of shame’ through Cambridge on a Saturday afternoon.

J was almost a split identity today, the top half (unless you looked carefully and noticed her jewellry) was fairly male and the bottom half a very elegant (if slightly inappropriately dressed for the weather) lady.Β  (Note to Jane: buy boots)!

So many people did the up and down look…followed by the doubletake upand down look….followed by the just checking upanddown look…followed by the…..(but by then she had swept on by, or i suspect some of them would have kept on nodding til their heads exploded).

But i stayed close…mostly….when i left her to walk alone it was mostly to watch other people react.

Couples so absorbed with each other they don’t see. Children tugging at parents and being told to shush. A grimace from a man whose face looked as though it does little else. Lots of smiles…some laughs and a rude Big Issue seller who called me Madam and J ‘whatever you are’ (i guess he missed out on the customer relations pep talk when he bought his mags).

At the end of the day we called at the Bar Hill enormous Tescos to pick up party stuff and i’m afraid my patience ran out when to enormously fat unattractive women passed J by and cracked up and turned and pointed and laughed some more.Β  I glided between them with my trolley, leaned in to the larger of the two and said ‘but at least she’s not horrendously fat like you two’.Β  I guess i’ve just been kicked out of the pc minorities unite club but it made me feel a damn sight better.

And i think J saw it as a positive step that i’m not disowning her πŸ™‚

In fact I can see Js transition becoming a real opportunity for my social Tourettes to flourish.

We limped home (literally in Js case…damned new pumps) and found my daughter had ressurected the burnt cake into an astounding chocolate treasure chest cake.

*the tv was of the gogglebox variety


4 Responses to “it could only get better (and did)”

  1. Wonderer Says:

    That was a walk of pride, not of shame. For both of you. I can just imagine you telling off the two fat ladies.You’re doing great. A wonderful partner and companion and support to Jane. (You obviously have a very creative daughter too!)

  2. debz furneaux Says:

    i sincerely hope you dont feel in the slightest bit guilty about the two fat ladies!! social tourettes is a vastly under rated affliction! ask me about shopping with my blind and/or disabled friend sometime, for lesson in the fun that can be had!! good on ya! sounds like a positive day overall – tell jane she may have to hide that purple skirt tho – you kno how i love purple!

  3. Dennis Says:

    Hiya πŸ™‚

    given some tips from this old crip on jane’s blog about the incident in the shops. She’s going to have to get used to being public property and there’s a knack to surviving it πŸ˜‰

    Glad to hear ya’ll survived jane’s first day out πŸ™‚ .

    And OMG what a gorgeous cake!


  4. spirifer Says:

    Well done, Andrea! Next time those two old bags feel like being horrible to someone for no reason, hopefully your words will make them think twice!

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