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on the verge of disaster January 12, 2010

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J is six foot three and i am 5 ft 5 and a (very important) half.  Last night when we were communing in our cohabitable bed there came a point where he rolled over and held my wrists and went to pin me down.

…and then gasped a horrified ‘oh no’ leapt out of bed and ran for the bathroom.

I knew we’d crossed a line you weren’t comfortable with, after our hours of talking and tentatively, sensitively starting to redefine the way we interact sexually i’d obviously driven you back to an old pattern of behaviour that maybe you never liked….never really wanted to do.

Horrified, i called after you…..

And out of the bathroom came Jane….very definitely Jane clutching my bag of nailcare ecoutrements and came back to bed, took out a file and filed a nail. She thought she’d broken a nail in going to pin me down.

A month ago, the old you wouldn’t have done that but neither would i have taken it with the grace i did. Neither would we both have sat and laughed about the situation.

Only this morning did i find out that you hadn’t even thought you’d broken a nail…..but just that you might break a nail.

Love might be able to transcend all obstacles…. but a sense of humour helps.


2 Responses to “on the verge of disaster”

  1. […] rather than protest the insinuation that i have overnight developed such fey tendencies that i could not possibly bear to chip a nail […]

  2. Wonderer Says:

    You two sound fantastic, with an amazing depth of love transcending all. Very best wishes on this roller coaster of a ride; this venture and adventure; so much more manageable, tolerable, enjoyable hand in hand.

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