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stalking December 31, 2009

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I’m watching you, watching you do all the everyday things you always do…watching you sleep…desperate and curious to see you.

Talking to a friend a few weeks ago about how worried i was about how you were changing and distancing, i reeled off a list of the ways you were changing. I thought you were having a mid-life crisis and felt cheated of a sports car.

She said yesterday it was as if i’d read a book about living with a tranny but had no name for it because i’d forgotten to read the title on the cover.

You’d been working through all this stuff on your own for months by then and the new you was starting to ooze through.

So i’m watching you.

Watching the person i love with new eyes, trying to do so without the assumption of maleness.

Watching you for just being you.

I woke up crying in the night….. but then i slept.


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